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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Fabrication Shop

Our 20,000 square foot shop is fully equipped with state of the art sheet metal manufacturing equipment and can fabricate and provide all standard and custom sheet metal products.

Fabrication and Installation Capabilities:

  • Chilled water air handling units
  • Fume exhaust hoods
  • Pool dehumidification
  • Rooftop units
  • VAV terminals and ductwork
  • Retrofits or expansions to existing systems
  • Annual service contracts

Our top notch equipment can make anything.

Learn more about our custom fabrication options.

Fully Automated Duct Coil Line

Increases efficiency to reduce production costs, keeping installers competitive.

The automated machinery gives Kuck Mechanical Contractors the capability to produce custom sheet metal for industrial mechanical uses.
We create sheet metal for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning applications.

Oval Duct Machine

Oval duct is a great alternative to spiral duct when space constraints are tight.  We are the only shop in Colorado with in-house oval duct fabrication capabilities.

Our shop is one of the only sheet metal fabricators in Colorado with the capability to fabricate oval duct.
We can fabricate oval duct.

Spiral Pipe Machine

Capable of providing spiral seam pipe up to 66 inches in galvanized, stainless steel and aluminum, plus paintlock and polyvinyl chloride-coated metals.

Spiral duct is fabricated in our shop.
Spiral duct is useful in mechanical construction.
As a mechanical contractor, we manufacture sheet metal for mechanical applications.

Robotic Welder

Ensures a perfect weld in galvanized and stainless steel with no imperfections, every time.   

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Computerized Plasma Cutter

Guarantees a precisely cut sheet metal product without time-consuming hand labor.

Fully Automated, Computerized Insulation Cutting Table

Provides a precisely lined sheet metal product to eliminate trimming at installation, saving installers time, labor, and money.

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The Roto-Die is a unique hydraulic brake used for bending sheet metal.  Heavy-duty hydraulics are used in all of the sheet metal brakes, making bending operations quick and easy.  This sheet metal bender is capable of making accurate bends from 24 inches up to 12 feet in length in 16 gauge to 10 gauge steel.

The First Multihead Machine

Kuck Mechanical is the proud owner of a vintage Gripnail multihead machine.  This machine is an automated fastener of insulation to duct.  This museum-quality piece is still operating like the day it was made in 1973.