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Enzi Stem Laboratory

Enzi Stem Laboratory

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The Project

The University of Wyoming provides higher education to over 13,000 students annually and virtually every student attends a lab course while pursuing their education there.  The university needed a modern teaching laboratory that would provide an interactive learning environment for the students and faculty.  The existing lab facilities were outdated and the funds for maintenance of the nearly 45 year old buildings were consumed in keeping current with health and safety requirements.

Quality and Cost Control


Kuck Mechanical was awarded the HVAC contract which included stainless steel duct, 4 custom air handling units, fume exhaust for 73 lab hoods, fans and fan terminal units, duct specialties, and six 30' exhaust stacks (fabricated at our Loveland facility).  These stacks have now become a prominent and eye-catching feature of the campus skyline.


One of the challenges of this project was modifying duct to fit in unusually tight spaces between floors, avoiding structural elements and potential conflicts.  The Building and Information Modeling process we perform helps eliminate these conflicts by incorporating the HVAC with other systems such as plumbing, sprinklers, and electrical.  The coordination efforts took a significant amount of pre-planning, but resulted in higher productivity and elimination of project waste.


Kuck Mechanical fabricates our own ductwork and custom equipment in our shop, eliminating wasted time waiting for delivery of materials from another vendor.  Additionally, we can closely monitor the quality of product that is provided to our customer.  We fabricated approximately 235,289 pounds (132 tons!) of galvanized and stainless steel duct, which was installed throughout the three-story building in 32 labs, prep rooms, and offices.


Each of the RTU's we provided were just over 40' in length and 27,000 pounds, which were shipped to the jobsite and craned in multiple sections for placement on the roof.  This impressive heating and evaporative system puts out a total of 160,000 CFM of air, and has integrated direct digital controls (provided by Kuck Mechanical).



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Exhaust Stack Fabrication

The exhaust stack fabrication process began with fabricating custom racks for the stacks to be placed on during the assembly and transportation process.  Once the stacks were pieced together, they were sand blasted, primed, and then painted with an epoxy coating.  When the stacks were dry, they were individually shipped to the jobsite where they were craned to the roof and placed on the 6 exhaust fans.  This intricate installation process was driven by weather factors and specific safety protocol.  Once the stacks were in place, they were stabilized with a guy wiring system comprised of heavy duty guy wire, tumbuckles, and clips that can withstand the harshest of outdoor elements.